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Why Choose Talkmarketing?

I’m Lesley Roberts and I founded Talkmarketing in 2007.  Prior to that I worked on a self employed basis as a telemarketer for various industry sectors.  I took 5 years out to be a mum in 1994 and previous to that I worked within the corporate world as a telemarketer.

There are two reasons why  I started Talkmarketing; the first was due to my own personal experiences with B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) telemarketing and telesales roles within the corporate world.  


I could see that there was definitely ‘a right way and a wrong way’ to run a telemarketing campaign.  I wanted to make it a personal service, not a call centre scripted approach.  I wanted to provide a tailor made approach that focused 100% on the client’s needs. 


The second reason was I could see that many mums struggled returning back to work due to the hours of 9-5pm and many just could not do those hours due to the school run etc.  So all of our telemarketing is scheduled within the school hours  and my wonderful team are mostly mature mums, all of whom have solid telemarketing and telesales experience.

The ethos behind Talkmarketing is very much integrity.  Our focus is on B2B (Business to Business) telemarketing, due to our soft selling approach we assist a couple of charities on the B2C side, we don’t get involved with PPI’s or any such telemarketing

I am pleased to say that Talkmarketing has long standing relationships with our clients, many just need us a few times a year, others need us every day throughout the year and that is what I wanted to achieve. 

I wanted to create a telemarketing company that was flexible, with no long term contracts. Over the years I have seen many changes within technology and also the laws around telesales and telemarketing.

We have moved with the times. We have invested in innovative technology and are 100% compliant with the GDPR, PECR and the Data Protection Act.


I look back to when Talkmarketing began and 2010 when we became a Limited Company and I am pleased to say, I have achieved my goal. I now run a telemarketing consultancy that gives the personal touch, we listen to our clients and hold their hand every step of the way through their campaign and I have to say, I am extremely proud of my excellent team; without them Talkmarketing would not exist.

If you are looking for a call centre approach then we are probably not going to be the right fit for you, but if you are looking for a personal consultancy experience then please do give us a call on 01424 576658 as we would love to hear from you.

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