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Cold Calling

One of our tag lines is "We love doing what most people hate - cold calling."   

​We say this because getting leads is the goal of many businesses and let's face it, in today’s world there is so much focus now on Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation, it shouldn’t be forgotten that cold calling works extremely well because without being able to speak directly to the correct decision maker, nothing usually happens.   

​This is where cold calling is so powerful.   We understand that for a salesperson, talking to a contact they have never spoken to before can be a daunting experience.    Getting past the ‘Gate Keeper’ can also prove difficult and most salespeople fall at this hurdle.

At Talk Marketing we make cold calls every day and are extremely proficient at overcoming objections. We provide a tailor-made solution which is designed with the specific aim of achieving the right results for your business. We know that cold calling is extremely effective if done in the correct way which means approaching prospects in a professional manner; courteously, with a sensible proposition.

​We guarantee to reach the greatest number of potential clients because we make sure your message is received loud and clear.

If you hate cold calling then please give us a call because we love it and we are very successful at it: 01424 576658

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