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Customer Service

Customer service is usually one of the top priorities for most businesses. As a B2B telemarketing consultancy we know that customers are at the heart of any business success and their demands need to be monitored regularly in order to keep them happy and to stop them from falling into the arms of competitors.  
This can be a challenge for any business.  Once again no one knows your business like you do, you know what you need to do but just don’t have the time;  Outsource to Talkmarketing and we will contact all of your existing customers, simply known as customer service telemarketing and we will make them aware of your new products or services.​


​It is easier to ‘up-sell’ to current clients and build on what you are offering, than trying to find new ones. This type of B2B telemarketing will help with the sales growth and the retention of your existing client base.  

A good business practice is to find ways to offer your customer more than they expect in order to show them that you care.  This can leave them with the “Feel Good Factor” and can be achieved, sometimes, with one simple customer service telemarketing phone call.

Running a targeted, continuous customer care campaign, will enhance new opportunities, minimise losing clients and increase sales growth. 

It really is that simple however many business owners just don’t have the time, give us a call we can help: 01424 576658

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