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Email Marketing

Email Marketing can increase a telemarketing campaign two-fold.  Quite often when a cold call is made the potential client will request an email, this is not a fob off, it means that there is an element of interest.

At Talkmarketing we use advanced email technology, which tracks the interaction and better yet, e-mails that have been opened are clearly moved to the top of the ring back and this allows you to place a follow-up call as soon as possible while a prospect may still be at their desk, this dramatically increases our call-to contact (prospecting efficiency) ratio.


By using both telemarketing and email marketing, all areas are nurtured which means faster lead conversion, more qualified appointments, enhanced campaign results which ultimately means better value for money and a higher Return On Investment (ROI).

We are specialists in email marketing and because we do the up-front research and only use relevant databases, our success rate is above average. We have tons of experience in wording the emails so that your customers want to open them to see what's being offered.  A big boast? Indeed, but we feel confident that we back this up with solid evidence of many years’ worth of email successes.

We also ensure that any email marketing databases are GDPR and PECR compliant.

Drive higher ROI using Email Marketing and Telemarketing together and close more sales.  Interested? Please give us a call: 01424 576658

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