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Marketing of Events is difficult. You have the best venue booked, you know the speakers are going to be brilliant, you are raring to go and realise you have only sold ten tickets.  Sound familiar?​


Maybe social media is not working as well as it could, this is where telemarketing and social media are so strong when put together in a campaign.  The message can be out on your social media platforms which is great and to gain more traction we can telemarket all of your potential attendees, answer any questions they may have, explain the value they will receive when they attend the event.


Through our telemarketing conversations we help you fill the room with relevant, interested, keen audience that are not there just to make up numbers.

We take the time to fully explain the benefits to your invitees and ensure that they are not only a confirmed seat, but they are excited and looking forward to the event.  Taking the time to speak to the invitees makes such a difference; the difference between an empty room or a full one.
If you have an event and need help with ‘bums on seats’ then please don’t forget the power of telemarketing: 01424 576658 

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